Katyayani Vrat | Sri Vrat

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Katyayani Vrat or Sri Vrat is observed during the Dhanurmas. Dhanurmas starts with the day the sun enters the Dhanu Rashi or the sun sign Sagittarius. The sun would stay in this Rashi for 30 days and all these 30 days are considered most auspicious.

How should perform the Dhanurmas Vrat

Unmarried girls who wish to get a good husband, observe Dhanurmas Vrat.

Married women would observe the Dhanurmas Vrat for a long, prosperous and happy married life.

Process of Observing the Katyayini Vrat or Sri Vrat

Women have to get up early in the morning, take a head bath. The house has to be cleaned. The front portion of the house where normally the Rangoli is done has to be cleansed by sprinkling with water to which cow dung is added.

A Rangoli has to be made on it. Small to medium sized balls are made out of the cow dung on which designs are made with turmeric and Kum kum or vermilion. A flower is kept on top the ball. This ball is locally called as Gobbemma or Gobillu.

These Gobbemma or Gobillu are considered as a form of Goddess Katyayini and worshipped. After worshipping these Gobillu are kept in the centre of the Rangoli.

Shodasa Upachara Puja of Goddess Katyayini has to be performed or Goddess Katyayini has to be worshipped performing 16 different Sevas or services.

These include Snana or Bathing, Vastra or clothing, Asana or Seat etc. Dhupa or lighting of incense sticks, Deepa, Naivedya or Offering are also a part of the Shodasa Upachara Puja.

Recite Ashtothara Setha Namavali of Katyayini Devi as a part of the Shodasa Upachara Puja.

Benefits of observing the Katyayini Vrat or Sri Vrat

Unmarried girls who observe Katyayini Vrat or Sri Vrat would be blessed with a good husband and a happy and long married life.

Legends of Katyayini Vrat

It is believed that Goddess Goda Devi was able to marry Lord Sri Ranganatha Swamy by observing this Vrat.

Gopikas observed Katyayini Vrat on the advice of Lord Shri Krishna, so that Sri Krishna would become their husband.

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