Kartik Purnima Celebrations

How to observe kartika purnima?, Karthika purnima puja

Kartika is a auspicious month for Hindus dedicated to God Shiva and Vishnu. Karthika pournami is one of the significant festival in this month. Puja on the kartik purnima day is considered very auspicious as it is believed that the gods come down on earth on this day.

Karthika purnima is the full moon day of the month. On this day people wake up early in the morning peroform a ritual bath known as “Kartik Snan” at a holy river. Visit Near by Shiva temple and perform Rudrabhishekam. Few observe Satyanarayana Vratam to please god Vishnu. In the evening people lit the oil lamps (deepa or diya) infornt of the houses. Temples are also decorated with diyas on this day. Perform Aarti To god Shiva. People make donations (Daan) on this day. It is believed that donating anything on Kartik Purnima is equivalent to hundred Ashvamedha Yagnas.

Kartik Poornima is a non-violence day (ahimsa). On the day of kartik purnima shaving, hair-cutting, cutting of trees, plucking of fruits and flowers, cutting of crops are prohibited.

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