Kalastami 2035 Dates

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Kalashtami is observed on the Eighth day of Dark fortnight in the Every lunar month. God Shiva is worshipped in the form of Kala Bhairav on this day. According to Purnimant calenders, the most important kalashtami falls in the month of mrugashira. According to amavasyant clenders it falls in the month of Kartik. This kalashtami is the Jayanti of God Kala Bhairav.

Here are Kalashtami dates in 2035. These dates may differ by a day according to the location and other things.

01st January 2035MondayKalashtami
31st January 2035WednesdayKalashtami
02nd March 2035FridayKalashtami
31st March 2035SaturdayKalashtami
30th April 2035MondayKalashtami
30th May 2035WednesdayKalashtami
28th June 2035ThursdayKalashtami
27th July 2035FridayKalashtami
26th August 2035SundayKalashtami
24th September 2035MondayKalashtami
23rd October 2035TuesdayKalashtami
22nd November 2035ThursdayKalabhairav Jayanti
21st December 2035FridayKalashtami

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