Kalashtami 2012 Dates

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Kalashtami is also known as Kalabhiravashtami and Bhairav Ashtami is dedicated to God Shiva. This Vrat is observed on the Krishna Paksha Ashtami of Every lunar month. Shraddha rituals performed to ancestors on this day. Lord Shiva is worshiped in Kala Bhairav form on this day. Maha Kala Bhairav Ashtami or Bhairav Jayanti is celebrated in Kartik/Margashira month According to different calenders.

Here we are providing Kalashtami dates for the year 2012. These dates may differ by a day according to the location and other things.

16th January 2012MondayKalashtami
14th February 2012 TuesdayKalashtami
14th March 2012WednesdayKalashtami
13th April 2012FridayKalashtami
12th May 2012SaturdayKalashtami
11th June 2012MondayKalashtami
10th July 2012TuesdayKalashtami
09th August 2012ThursdayKalashtami
08th September 2012SaturdayKalashtami
08th October 2012MondayKalashtami
06th November 2012TuesdayKalashtami
06th December 2012ThursdayKalabhairav Jayanti

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