Kajari Purnima

Kajari Purnima, Shravan Purnima

The purnima or full moon day of the Shravan month is observed as Kajari Purnima in central India like Madhya Pradesh and also in Uttarpradesh,Chattisgarh etc.

This is marks the end of the seven day ritual that starts on the Navami of the Shravan month called as the Kajari Navami. This is a festival for mothers who are blessed with a son. It is for the well being of the son that this festival is observed.

On the Kajari Navami, women would go to the nearby fields and fetch the soil in a bowl.  They would sow the barley seeds in the bowl and keep it in a dark place in the house. Before the bowl with the seeds is placed, the place is cleansed with cow dung and drawings are made around and on the walls out of which  a drawing of  a child in cradle, house,Magoose and a woman with pitcher are mandatory.

On the last day or the seventh day which is the Shravan Purnima or Kajari  Purnima, women observe fast. In the evening of Purnima, they would take our a procession carrying the bowls with grown barely plant on their head to a nearby lake or pond and immerse it. The fasting as said above is for the well being of the sons.

This marks the day of the sowing the seeds for the wheat and barley crops.

Shravan Purnima is also celebrated as Balarama Jayanthi,Gamha Purnima,Narali Purnima,Jhulan Purnima,Jandhyala Purnima.

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