Jhulan Purnima

Jhulan Purnima, Shravan Purnima

Jhulan Purnima

Jhulan Purnima

The purnima or full moon day of the Shravan month is observed as Jhulan Purnima. This marks the end of the 5 day long ritual of Lord Krishna and Radha swinging on the Jhula(swing). Since Jhula or swinging is the main event it is called as Jhulan Purnima.

The swinging starts on the Pavitra Ekadashi of the Shravan month and ends on the Purnima or the full moon day of the Shravan month. Lord Krishna and Radha are made to sit on a swing or Jhula and are made to swing. This is to remember the fun and frolics of Lord Krishna with Radha.

The festival lasting for 5 days is observed with utmost devotion. The swing is decorated with different flowers and other decorating items. It is celebrated on a grand scale in Mayapur of Isckon.

Shravan Purnima is also celebrated as Balarama Jayanthi,Gamha Purnima,Narali Purnima,Jandhyala Purnima,Kajari Purnima.

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  1. s viswanathan

    Apr 30. 2016

    this is a wonderful piece of information.
    but there seems to be difference in observation of vrats between north india and south india eg. ekadesi fasting is observed only on that day and not from previous day.
    please check with scholars and religious texts.

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