Jandhyala Purnima

Jandhyala Purnima, Shravan Purnima

This as the name suggest is on the Purnima or full moon day of the Shravan month of the Telugu calendar. On this day Upakarma is performed in the Brahmin community to the children normally by the age of 7.

Jandhyala Purnima

Jandhyala Purnima

Every Brahmin who has undergone the UpaKarma or Odugu, in which he is sanctified and has been made to wear the Jandyam or the sacred thread has to change the Sacred thread on this day. This sacred thread is supposed to symbolize Goddess Gayathri Matha. Only if a Brahmin has this thread , he is eligible to study the Vedas.

Since the Jandyam is changed on this day it is considered as Jandhyala Purnima or Jandhyala Pournami.  There is a ritual that has to be followed  in which one has to recite Mantras by first wearing the new one and then removing the old one.

Shravan Purnima is also celebrated as Balarama Jayanthi,Gamha Purnima,Narali Purnima,Jhulan Purnima,Kajari Purnima.

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