Jallikattu | Eruthazhuvutha | Manju Virattu

Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu, Manju Virattu of Tamil Nadu

Jallikattu is an event that is organized during the Pongal festivals in Tamil Nadu. Jallikattu is a bull taming sport that is organized in Tamil Nadu.

What is Jallikattu

Jallikattu is a sport in which a bull has to be tamed without the usage of any kind of weapons. Only bare hands are to be used to tame the bull.

Other names of Jallikattu

Jallikattu is also known by the names of Eruthazhuvutha , Manju Virattu.

Meaning of Jallikattu

Jallikattu is a combination of two words Jalli and Kattu. Jalli came from the word Salli Kaasu which means coins and Kattu  is a package that is tied to the horns of the bull. Therefore the person who tames the bull would get the coins or money that is tied to the horns of the bull. Hence the sport became popular with the name of Jallikattu.

When is Jallikattu organized

Jallikattu is organized during the pongal or Sankranti in Tamil Nadu. Out of the four Pongal days Jallikattu is normally organized on the Mattu Pongal day. In few places it is organized on the Kaanum Pongal.

How Jallikattu started

Jallikattu is an ancient sport which is being organized even today. Jallikattu was supposed to be a sport for the warriors to showcase their strength and ability. In the ancient times it was even organized for finding a suitable match for the girls.

Different kinds of Jallikattu

1)Vadi Manju Virattu :

Vadi Manju Virattu is the most popular form of Jallikattu. The bull is kept in a enclosure and released.  There is a path that is created and kept free for the bull to run. As soon as the bull come out of the enclosure a person has to cling to the hump of the bull. The person while hanging from the hump has to travel a certain amount of distance. This is very dangerous as the bull might hook the guy with its horns or shake him off and run over him. As per the ancient sport only one person is allowed to cling while following of this rule is dependant on the villages where Vadi Manju Virattu is being organized. Vadi Manju Virattu is popular in the districts of  Madurai,Trichy, Salem, Thanjavur ,Dindigul, Theni, and Pudukkottai.

2)Vaeli Virattu:

In this version of Jallikattu, the bull is released in the open field and people would try to tame the bull. The bull will try to run away seeing the large number of people. But there would be few bulls that would not leave the ground and would stand and attack providing the necessary entertainment and challenge to the tamers as well as public. Vaeli Virattu is famous in Madurai and Sivagangai.

3)Vadam  Manju Virattu:

Vadam in Tamil means rope. In this form of Jallikattu the bull is tied to a 50ft long rope and the bull will move only in that range. A team of 7 to 8 members will try to tame the bull within 30 minutes. This is the most safest way of organizing Jallikattu.

How are the bulls prepared for Jallikattu

Bulls of a particular breed are used for Jallikattu. Cape buffalo, India Gaur Bull etc are normally used. The other bulls like plaingu maddu, malai madu are also used. Once the bull is choosen to be used in Jallikattu special diet and care is taken. They are fed with nutritious diet so that they become strong and tall. They are taken for regular exercise of swimming. These bulls from their young times are taken to the Jallikattu event so that they do not fear the crowd. For the bulls that would be used for Vadam Manju Virattu special training is given so that they familiarize with the limits while tied up to the rope.

Places famous of Jallikattu

Palamedu is the village that is famous for Jallikattu. Palamedu is the place where Jallikattu is first played followed by the world famous Alanganallur Jallikattu played at Alanganallur a village near Madurai.

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