How to offer food to ancestors during the Pitru Paksha?

Offering food to the Pitru Devatalu (Ancestors)

First prepared food must be offered as Naivedyam to the god, Then it is called Prasadam. We offer that prasadam to please the ancestors. On a tray a place a banana leaf. In that, place a table spoon of all the food that was cooked on that day. Offer this food to the god. Leave it alone for some time. Now take that tray with the food and go to some clean corner place facing South keep food there with a small cup of water. One should be noted here. On the Ekadashi day we must only offer non- Grain food.

This should be done in the day time only. Aparahna (Afternoon) is the good time for doing this. One  should do this for 15 days. On the last day (Amavasya) you can either perform a havan / daan (Any thing you can afford) to the priest or a poor person.

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