How to observe Sita Navami Vrat?

Sita navami Fast

Sita navami Fast

Janaki Navami Fast Method, Sita navami Vrat Vidhi, Janaki Vratha Vidhanamu, Method of Observing Janaki Navami Fast

Sita navami is also known as Janaki Navami, Sita Jayanti and Janaki Jayanti. sita is the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. Every year, it is observed on the Shukla paksha tritiya of the Vaishaki month. Vaishnava communities observe it on the krishna paksha of Phalguna month (purnimant) or Magh month (Amavasyant). Observing this Vrat brings qualities like sacrifice, modesty, motherhood and dedication in the person.

Sita Navami vrat is observed with a lot of devotion and excitement. Woman, who observe this fast should wake up early in the morning. All rules related to regular fast are fallowed. On this day, people create a puja mandap with four pillars. In this mandap idols of Lord ram and sita, King Janak, Mata Sunayana, plough and Goddess earth are placed. Then perform sita navami puja and recite stotras related to sita.

Married women observe this fast and worship goddess sita to conjugal happiness, marital bliss and  prosperity.  Goddess Sita is worshiped with Rice, barley, Til etc.

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