How to Observe Kalashtami Vrat?

Kalastami Vrat Vidhan, How to perform kalashtami Fast?, Kalashtami Vratha Vidhanamu

Kalastami vrat / fast observed every month on Krishna Paksha Ashtami day. It is the eighth day after the full moon. The prime deity worshiped on this day is Lord Kala Bhairava. This god is the most destructive form of God Shiva.

Aditya Puran describes about the significance of kalashtami Vrat. Kalashtami day, Which falls in the Margashira month is birth day of the God Kala Bhirava.

Kalashtami is observed on when Ashtami tithi prevails over the midnight. Special pujas are performed in the midnight to the Bhirava. Devotees who Observe this vrat stay awake all night (Jagaran). prayers dedicated to Kala Bhirava are chanted. People take early bath in the morning and perform Shraddha and tarpan to the ancestors. Keep fast for the whole day. Kala Bhirava rides a black dog. Feeding the dog is considered on this day.

The one who Observes Kalashtami Vrat gets relief from all the fears related to ghosts, evil spirits and protected by every kind of disease.

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