Hindu Marriage Dates 2050 | Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates 2050

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Hindus perform their marriages only on auspicious dates to make the married life of the bride and groom happy. The birth sign (Moon sign) play an important role to decide the auspicious Muhurat for marriage. Below are the auspicious wedding dates for the year 2050.

Shubh Vivah DateShubh Vivah DayShubh Vivah MuhuratNakshatra For Marriage
10th February 2050 Thursday09:35:51Next Day 07:05:38Uttara Phalguni, Hasta
11th February 2050 Friday 07:05:38 16:06:48Hasta
15th February 2050Tuesday07:03:05 14:23:09Anuradha
17th February 2050 Thursday13:06:12Next Day 04:22:35Mula
18th February 2050 Friday Next Day 02:16:09 07:00:16Uttara Ashadha
23rd February 2050 Wednesday11:32:16 Next Day 06:56:25Uttara Bhadrapada
24th February 2050 Thursday06:56:2520:38:18Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
28th February 2050Monday16:58:09 Next Day 06:52:16Rohini
01st March 2050 Tuesday06:52:16Next Day 06:51:24Rohini, Mrigashirsha
06th March 2050Sunday21:10:28 Next Day 06:46:57Magha
07th March 2050 Monday06:46:5718:32:27Magha
10th March 2050 Thursday20:33:40 Next Day 06:43:15Hasta
12th March 2050 Saturday09:42:40 20:38:53Swaati
15th April 2050 Friday06:10:04 16:09:31Uttara Ashadha
23rd April 2050 SaturdayNext Day 01:03:30 06:02:39Rohini
24th April 2050 Sunday06:02:39 23:05:45Rohini
30th April 2050 Saturday11:20:50 Next Day 05:57:34Magha
01st May 2050 Sunday05:57:3414:16:49 Magha
03rd May 2050 Tuesday09:34:0429:55:36Uttara Phalguni, Hasta
04th May 2050 Wednesday05:55:3621:34:24Hasta
05th May 2050 Thursday23:07:16 Next Day 03:37:12Swaati
07th May 2050 SaturdayNext Day 00:41:37 05:53:12Anuradha
10th May 2050 Tuesday05:52:0723:46:09Mula
11th May 2050 Wednesday22:48:03 Next Day 05:51:05Uttara Ashadha
12th May 2050 Thursday05:51:05 20:48:31Uttara Ashadha
16th May 2050 Monday15:33:23 Next Day 05:48:49 Uttara Bhadrapada
17th May 2050 Tuesday05:48:49 Next Day 05:48:26Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
18th May 2050 Wednesday05:48:26 12:41:41Revati
21st May 2050 Saturday17:26:01Next Day 05:47:02Rohini
22nd May 2050 Sunday05:47:02 Next Day 05:46:44Rohini, Mrigashirsha
23rd May 2050 Monday05:46:44 11:11:20Mrigashirsha
29th May 2050 SundayNext Day 01:09:44 05:45:09 Uttara Phalguni
30th May 2050 Monday05:45:09Next Day 05:45:00Uttara Phalguni, Hasta
31st May 2050 Tuesday05:45:00 18:48:00Hasta
02nd June 2050 Thursday07:40:1518:25:47Swaati
04th June 2050 Saturday09:02:34 16:29:19Anuradha
06th June 2050 Monday08:00:48 Next Day 05:44:29Mula
08th June 2050 Wednesday09:14:41 Next Day 03:36:39Uttara Ashadha
12th June 2050 Sunday21:05:18 Next Day 05:44:45Uttara Bhadrapada
13th June 2050 Monday05:44:45 Next Day 05:44:51Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati
24th June 2050 Friday05:46:42 Next Day 05:46:58Magha
27th June 2050 Monday14:45:21Next Day 04:07:35Hasta
29th June 2050 Wednesday16:32:03 Next Day 05:48:27Swaati
25th November 2050 Friday06:51:11 13:03:42Revati
28th November 2050 Monday17:12:34Next Day 06:53:58Rohini
29th November 2050 Tuesday06:53:58 Next Day 06:54:39Rohini, Mrigashirsha
30th November 2050Wednesday06:54:39 15:47:40Mrigashirsha
05th December 2050 Monday18:19:47 23:00:31Magha
06th December 2050 TuesdayNext Day 01:58:0206:59:24Uttara Phalguni
07th December 2050 Wednesday06:59:24 Next Day 07:00:04Uttara Phalguni, Hasta
08th December 2050Thursday07:00:0417:07:18Hasta
10th December 2050 Saturday10:25:13 21:45:56Swaati

Here we are providing these dates for general idea. These dates and times may vary by region. Please consult your local priest for exact muhurat.

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