Hindu Festivals September 2015

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Hindus celebrate everything as a festival in a grand manner. They celebrate every event like full moon days, birthdays of gods and Godess and Victories of the gods over demons. Indian Festivals are much more than celebrations. They are windows into the history of rich Hindu legends.

Here are the important festivals in September 2015.

DateFestival name
01st September 2015 (Tuesday)
Kajari Teej
05th September 2015 (Saturday
Krishna Janmashtami
08th September 2015 (Tuesday)
Aja Ekadashi
13th September 2015 (Sunday)
Surya Grahan
16th September 2015 (Wednesday)
Hartalika Teej
17th September 2015 (Thursday)
Kanya Sankranti , Ganesh Chaturthi
18th September 2015 (Friday)
Rishi Panchami
21th September 2015 (Monday)
Radha Ashtami
24th September 2015 (Thursday)
Parsva Ekadashi
27th September 2015 (Sunday)
Ganesh Visarjan , Anant Chaturdashi
28th September 2015 (Monday)
Pratipada Shraddha , Chandra Grahan , BhadraPad Purnima

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