Hindu Festivals September 2014

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India is considered as a Land of Festivals and Celebrations. In Hinduism, there is celebration for every religious occasion, change of season and for every harvest. Whatever be the mode of celebration, there is a legend behind it. Hindu Festivals  are a ritualistic riot and strengthen the bond of brotherhood amongst people.

Hindu festivals and auspicious days in September 2014 are listed here.

DateFestival Name
02nd September 2014 (Tuesday)
Radha Ashtami
05th September 2014 (Friday)
Parsva Ekadashi
08th September 2014 (Monday)
Ganesh Visarjan , Anant Chaturdashi
09th September 2014 (Tuesday)
Pratipada Shraddha , BhadraPad Purnima
17th September 2014 (Wednesday)
Kanya Sankranti
19th September 2014 (Friday)
Indira Ekadashi
23th September 2014 (Tuesday)
SarvaPitru Amavasya
25th September 2014 (Thursday)
Navratri Started

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