Hindu Festivals March 2015

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Hindus observe many festivals, celebrations and fasts throughout the year. All Hindu festivals have a deep spiritual import or high religious significance. These are celebrated to commemorate the importance of a god, any religious event or good harvest.

Here is the Hindu Festival calender for the month March 2015.

DateFestival Names
01st March 2015 (Sunday)
Amalaki Ekadashi
05th March 2015 (Thursday)
Holika Dahan
06th March 2015 (Friday)
14th March 2015 (Saturday)
Sheetala Ashtami , Basoda
15th March 2015 (Sunday)
Meena Sankranti
16th March 2015 (Monday)
Papmochani Ekadashi
17th March 2015 (Tuesday)
Papmochani Ekadashi
20th March 2015 (Friday)
Surya Grahan
21th March 2015 (Saturday)
Yugadi , Gudi Padwa
22th March 2015 (Sunday)
Gauri Puja/Gangaur
25th March 2015 (Wednesday)
Yamuna Chhath
28th March 2015 (Saturday)
Rama Navami
31th March 2015 (Tuesday)
Kamada Ekadashi

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