Hindu Festivals April 2013

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Hindus celebrate many festivals with equal enthusiasm. These Hindu festivals consists a lot of fun and a deep religious importance. All these festivals are based on a fixed date, the phases of the moon, the timing of the equinoxes and solstices or a combination of the two.

Dates of important festivals in Hinduism in April 2013.

DateFestival Name
03rd April (Wednesday)
Sheetala Ashtami , Basoda
06th April (Saturday)
Papmochani Ekadashi
11th April (Thursday)
Yugadi , Gudi Padwa
13th April (Saturday)
Gauri Puja/Gangaur
14th April (Sunday)
Solar New Year
16th April (Tuesday)
Yamuna Chhath
19th April (Friday)
Sri Rama Navami
22th April (Monday)
Kamada Ekadashi
25th April (Thursday)
Chandra Grahan , Hanuman Jayanti

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