Hindu Festivals 2049

Hindu Festivals 2049

Hindu Festivals Calendar 2049

Here are the dates of Hindu festivals, fasts, rituals and other religious occasions for 2049. Some times date may differ by a day depending on the location and other things.

Hindu Festivals – January 2049

DateFestival Name
04th January 2049 (Monday) Somvati Amavas
14th January 2049 (Thursday) Uttarayana Sankranti , Pongal , Pushya (Paush) Putrada Ekadashi
18th January 2049 ( Monday) Pushya (Paush) Purnima
22nd January 2049 (Friday) Sankasta Chaturthi
29th January 2049 (Friday) Shattila Ekadashi
30th January 2049 (Saturday) Shattila Ekadashi

Hindu Festivals – February 2049

DateFestival Name
02nd February 2049 (Tuesday) Mauni Amavas
06th February 2049 (Saturday) Vasant Panchami
09th February 2049 (Tuesday) Bhishma Ashtami , Ratha Saptami
13th February 2049 (Saturday) Kumbha Sankranti , Jaya Ekadashi
17th February 2049 (Wednesday) Magha Purnima
28th February 2049 (Sunday) Vijaya Ekadashi

Hindu Festivals – March 2049

DateFestival Name
02nd March 2049 (Tuesday) Maha ShivaRatri
14th March 2049 (Sunday) Meena Sankranti
15th March 2049 (Monday) Amalaki Ekadashi
19th March 2049 (Friday) Holika Dahanam
20th March 2049 (Saturday) Holi
27th March 2049 (Saturday) Sheetala Ashtami , Basoda
29th March 2049 (Monday) Papmochani Ekadashi

Hindu Festivals – April 2049

DateFestival Name
03rd April 2049 (Saturday) Ugadi , Gudi Padwa
05th April 2049 (Monday) Gauri Puja/Gangaur
08th April 2049 (Thursday) Yamuna Chhath
11th April 2049 (Sunday) Sri Rama Navami
14th April 2049 (Wednesday) Solar New Year , Kamada Ekadashi
18th April 2049 (Sunday) Hanuman Jayanti
28th April 2049 (Wednesday) Varuthini Ekadashi

Hindu Festivals – May 2049

DateFestival Name
04th May 2049 (Tuesday) ParashuRam Jayanti
05th May 2049 (Wednesday) Akshaya Tritiya
09th May 2049 (Sunday) Ganga Saptami
11th May 2049 (Tuesday) Sita Navami
13th May 2049 (Thursday) Mohini Ekadashi
15th May 2049 (Saturday) Vrishabha Sankranti
16th May 2049 (Sunday) Narasimha Jayanti
17th May 2049 (Monday) Chandra Grahan , Buddha Purnima
18th May 2049 (Tuesday) Narada Jayanti
27th May 2049 (Thursday) Apara Ekadashi
31st May 2049 (Monday) Surya Grahan , Vat Savitri Vrat , Shani Jayanti

Hindu Festivals – June 2049

DateFestival Name
11th June 2049 (Friday) Ganga Dussehra
12th June 2049 (Saturday) Nirjala Ekadashi
15th June 2049 (Tuesday) Mithuna Sankranti , Chandra Grahan , Vat Purnima Vrat
25th June 2049 (Friday) Yogini Ekadashi

Hindu Festivals – July 2049

DateFestival Name
02nd July 2049 (Friday) Jagannath Rathyatra
11th July 2049 (Sunday) Devshayani Ekadashi
15th July 2049 (Thursday) Guru Purnima
16th July 2049 (Friday) Dakshinayana Sankranti
25th July 2049 (Sunday) Kamika Ekadashi

Hindu Festivals – August 2049

DateFestival Name
02nd August 2049 (Monday) Hariyali Teej
04th August 2049 (Wednesday) Nag Panchami
09th August 2049 (Monday) Shravana Putrada Ekadashi
10th August 2049 (Tuesday) Shravana Putrada Ekadashi
13th August 2049 (Friday) Narali Purnima , Raksha Bandhan , Varalakshmi Vrat
15th August 2049 (Sunday) Kajari Teej
17th August 2049 (Tuesday) Simha Sankranti
20th August 2049 (Friday) Krishna Janmashtami
24th August 2049 (Tuesday) Aja Ekadashi
31st August 2049 (Tuesday) Hartalika Teej

Hindu Festivals – September 2049

DateFestival Name
01st September 2049 (Wednesday) Ganesh Chaturthi
02nd September 2049 (Thursday) Rishi Panchami
05th September 2049 (Sunday) Radha Ashtami
08th September 2049 (Wednesday) Parsva Ekadashi
10th September 2049 (Friday) Ganesh Visarjan , Anant Chaturdashi
11th September 2049 (Saturday) BhadraPad Purnima
12th September 2049 (Sunday) Pratipada Shraddha
17th September 2049 (Friday) Kanya Sankranti
22nd September 2049 (Wednesday) Indira Ekadashi
26th September 2049 (Sunday) SarvaPitru Amavasya
28th September 2049 (Tuesday) Navratri Started

Hindu Festivals – October 2049

DateFestival Name
03rd October 2049 (Sunday) Saraswati Avahan
04th October 2049 (Monday) Durga Ashtami , Sarasvati Puja
05th October 2049 (Tuesday) Maha Navami
06th October 2049 (Wednesday) Dussehra
07th October 2049 (Thursday) Papankusha Ekadashi
11th October 2049 (Monday) Sharad Purnima
14th October 2049 (Thursday) Karwa Chauth
17th October 2049 (Sunday) Tula Sankranti
18th October 2049 (Monday) Ahoi Ashtami
22th October 2049 (Friday) Rama Ekadashi
24th October 2049 (Sunday) Dhan Teras
25th October 2049 (Monday) Narak Chaturdashi
26th October 2049 (Tuesday) Diwali/Lakshami Puja
27th October 2049 (Wednesday) Gowardhan Puja
28th October 2049 (Thursday) Bhaiya Duj

Hindu Festivals – November 2049

DateFestival Name
01st November 2049 (Monday) Chhath Puja
04th November 2049 (Thursday) Kansa Vadh
05th November 2049 (Friday) Devutthana Ekadashi
06th November 2049 (Saturday) Tulasi Vivah
09th November 2049 (Tuesday) Chandra Grahan , Kartik Purnima
16th November 2049 (Tuesday) Vrischika Sankranti
17th November 2049 (Wednesday) Kalabhairav Jayanti
21st November 2049 (Sunday) Utpanna Ekadashi
25th November 2049 (Thursday) Surya Grahan
29th November 2049 (Monday) Vivah Panchami

Hindu Festivals – December 2049

DateFestival Name
05th December 2049 (Sunday) Gita Jayanti , Mokshada Ekadashi
08th December 2049 (Wednesday) Dattatreya Jayanti
09th December 2049 (Thursday) Margashirsha Purnima
16th December 2049 (Thursday) Dhanu Sankranti
20th December 2049 (Monday) Saphala Ekadashi
21st December 2049 (Tuesday) Saphala Ekadashi

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