Gruha pravesh Dates 2015

Griha Pravesh Muhurat dates in 2015, Auspicious Dates and Time for Moving into New House in 2015, Griha Pravesh dates 2015, Dates of House Warming Ceremony in 2015

Griha Pravesh is an important ceremony celebrated by Hindus at the time of entering into the new house. Hindus prefer auspicious day and time to perform this. Below are the auspicious Griha Pravesh dates for the year 2015 as per Telugu Panchangam.

25th March 2015WednesdayShashtiRohiniKumba4.05AM
26th March 2015ThursdaySaptamiMrigashiraDhanu1.21AM
29th March 2015SundayDashamiPushyamiKumbha4.58AM
7th April 2015TuesdayTadiyaAnuradhaKumbha4.22AM
11th April 2015SaturdaySapthamiUttarashadakumbha4.06AM
12th April 2015SundayAshtamiUttarashadaKumbha4.02AM
22nd April 2015WednesdayChavithiMrigashiraKumbha3.22 AM
29th April 2015WednesdayEkadashiUttaraphalgunaKumbha2.57 AM
2nd May 2015SaturdayChaturdashichitraDhanu10.53 PM
2nd May 2015SaturdayChaturdashichitraKumbha2.42 AM
6th May 2015WednesdayVidiyaAnuradhaMithuna9.54AM
9th May 2015SaturdaysashtiPoorvaashadaDhanu10.26 PM
9th May 2015SaturdaysashtiPoorvaashadaKumbha2.16 AM
22nd May 2015FridayChavithiPushyamiKumbha1.22 AM
27th May 2015WednesdayNavamiUttaraDhanu9.14 PM
29th May 2015FridayEkadashiHastaKarkataka10.06 AM
29th May 2015FridayEkadashiHastaDhanu9.11 PM
5th June 2015FridayTadiyaUttarashadaDhanu8.38 PM
7th June 2015SundayPanchamiDhanistaDhanu8.35 PM
8th June 2015MondayShashtiDhanistaMithunam7.46 AM
16th November 2015MondayPanchamiUttaraashadaMithuna
9.11 PM
10.09 PM
18th November 2015WednesdaySaptamiDhanishtaSimha1.11 AM
19th November 2015ThursdayAshtamiShatabhishamMithuna8.59 PM
22nd November 2015SundayEkadashiRevathiMithuna
8.47 PM
9.45 PM
23rd November 2015MondayDwadashiRevathiDhanu9.28 AM
26th November 2015ThursdayPadyamiRohiniMithuna8.31 PM
27th November 2015FridayVidiyaMrigashiraMithuna
8.27 PM
12.36 PM
30th November 2015MondayPanchamiPushyamiMakara
10.30 AM
8.14 PM
4th December 2015FridayNavamiUttarakarkataka
8.56 PM
12.07 AM
6th December 2015SundayEkadashiChitraKarkataka8.49 PM
17th December 2015ThursdaySashtiShatabhishamSimha10.18 PM
23rd December 2015WednesdayTrayodashiRohiniMakara8.59 AM

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