What are Gobbemmalu?. Gobbemmalu in Dhanurmasam, Gobbemmalu during Makar Sankranti



In the Hindu month of Dhanurmasam, People wake up early in the morning, draw beautiful rangolis and put the Gobbemmalu between them. Rangolis are also known as Muggulu or Kolams in the regional languages.

Gobbemmalu are the Cow dung balls and they are decorated with turmeric powder (pasupu), red vermion powder (Kumkuma), flowers and with different types of grains. Some times they are decorated with Pumpkin and seasonal fruits. Women Go around these rangolis with singing and dancing. People dry all the gobbemmalu used in dhanurmasam. On the Kanuma day, People make payasam by using these gobbemmalu as firewood. Offer this Payasam to the God as a naivedyam.

Sandhya Gobbemmalu

In a few areas people draw rangolis and make Gobbemmalu in the evening. They lit the oil lamps in their back yards. These Gobbemmalu is known as Sandhya Gobbemmalu. Sandhya time means twilight period.

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