Smartha Vaikunta Ekadasi December 2012

When is Smartha Vaikunta Ekadasi, Smartha Vaikunta Ekadasi 2012 date, Vaikunta Ekadasi 2012 date of Smartha, Mukkoti Ekadasi 2012 date Smartha, Smartha Mukkoti Ekadasi 2012, Mokshada ... Continue Reading →

Katyayani Vrat | Sri Vrat

Katyayani Vrat Vidhanam, Sri Vrat Vidhanam, Katyayani Vrat Puja Process, Sri Vrat Puja Process, Katyayani Vrat in Dhanurmasam, Sri Vrat in Dhanurmasam. Katyayani Vrat or Sri Vrat is ... Continue Reading →

Dhanurmasa Vrat

Vrat in Dhanurmasam, Dhanurmasa Vrat Vidhanam, Dhanurmasa Vrat Puja Process, Dhanurmasa Puja. The day the sun enters the Dhanu Rashi from that day onwards it is considered as Dhanurmas. ... Continue Reading →

Significance of Dhanurmasam

What is Dhanurmasam?, Importance of Dhanurmasam, Dhanurmasam Significance, Why Dhanurmasam is auspicious? Dhanurmasam is a combination of two words, Dhanur which is a sun sign  Sagittarius ... Continue Reading →

Margashirsha Purnima | Margasirsa Pournami

Each lunar month consists of One Purnima tithi. Purnima comprises one nakshatra among 27 nakshatras. Margashirsha Mahina (also known as Margasira month) consists of purnima with mrugashira ... Continue Reading →

Arudra Darisanam | Arudhra Darshan

Arudhra Darisanam, Tiruvathirai, Thiruvathirai festival, Significance of Arudra Darisanam, Arudra Darshan, Arudra Darisnam Importance, Arudra Darshanam, Thiruvathira, திருவாதிரை, ... Continue Reading →
Gita Jayanti

Gita Jayanti

Gita Jayanthi, Githa Jayanti, Geetha Jayanti Festival, Margasira Ekadashi, Mokshada Ekadashi The Bhagavad Gita is considered by many Hindus to be the most important and Sacred of all ... Continue Reading →
Vivah Panchami

Vivah Panchami

Vivaha Panchami, Ram Janki Vivah, Sita Ram Vivah, Vivah Panchami Festival Vivah Panchami is an auspicious day, celebrating the marriage of Godess Sita and Lord Sri Rama. It is observed ... Continue Reading →

Karthika Pournami | Kartik Purnima

Significance of Karthika Pournami, Significance of Kartik purnima, Importance of Karthika Pournami, Celebrations of Karthika Pournami, Rituals on Karthika Pournami, Rituals on Kartik ... Continue Reading →

Legend of Tulsi Vivah

Story behing Tulasi Vivah, Why to perform Tulasi Vivah, Vishnu Salgramam, Salagramam and Tualsi Vivah, Story of Tulasi Vivah. Once there lived a demon king by the name of Jalandhar. ... Continue Reading →

Chhath | Dala Chhath

Significance of Chhath, significance of Dala Chhath, Importance of Chhath, Legends of Chhath,Chhath Celebrations, Chhath rituals, Chhath process, Different days of Chhath, importance ... Continue Reading →

Dhanteras | First day of Diwali | Yamadeepdan | Dhanwantari Triyodasi

Significance of Dhanteras, Significance of Yamadeepdan. The thirteen day of the dark fortnight or the waning phase of the moon of the month of Ashwin or the Krishna Paksha Triyodasi ... Continue Reading →