Festivals in Margazhi Month

Margazhi Masam Festivals in Tamilnadu, Margazhi Month Festivals in Tamilnadu, Margali Festivals

Margazhi, is a ninth month in traditional tamil calender, known for Devotion and music. In the margazhi month, duration of the night is longer than a day. Uttarayana Punya kalam, which starts on winter solstice falls in this month.

Povai nombu is also observed in Margazhi month. Waking up early and river baths are considered auspicious during this month. Thiruppavai and Thiruvembavai is chanted in homes and temples. This is the month when the Pilgrimage to Sabarimalai Tamilnadu comes to an end. Special pujas are performed in Srirangam and  Thiruvannamalai.

Major Festivals in the Margazhi month are

Vaikunda Yekadasi
Arudara Darshan
Hanuman Jayanthi
Koodara velli
Bhogi Festival

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