Ekadashi Vrat Story

Ekadashi Vrat Kadha , Ekadashi Vrat Story , Ekadashi Vratha Kadha, Ekadasi Vratha Story .

Once there lived a great king by the name of Ambarisha. He was a devotee of Lord vishnu and he used to practice Ekadashi Vrata. Once Sage Durvasa, known for his short temper visited Ambarisha on Dwadasi(next day of Ekadashi) , the day on which the Ekadashi Vrata is relieved by eating Food. As it is the custom and principle to honour the guest, Ambarisha prays Durvasa to have Food along with him. For which the sage readily agrees and tells the king he would return after cleaning himself and doing the pooja(praying). According to the rules of the vrata/vrat one has to eat food before the Dwadasi(second day) time ends. But the sage was taking longer time and the King was becoming restless as the time for completion of Dwadasi time was coming and the sage was no where to be seen. So on the advice of the Purohits(Brahmins) in his court after a lot of discussion he drinks the Tulasi Thirdha only to mark as if he as taken some thing before the Dwadasi time ends.

As soon as he does the Sage Durvasa enters, seeing him sip the water, feels that he has been downgraded by not waiting for his return curses Ambarisha to take Dasavatara. But Lord Vishnu knowing everything and Ambarisha being his devotee takes the curse and takes the ten famous forms known to the world as Dasavatara (Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narsimha, Vamana, ParasuRama, Ram,  Krishna, Buddha, Kalki). Lord Vishnu release his Sudarshana Chakra to protect his devotee on Durvasa. Durvasa runs to all the lords to protect him from Sudarshana Chakara but none of them could help. Finally he goes to Lord Vishnu himself to protect him.Vishnu says that, he has no control on it,even though it is his weapon, as it is now defending a devotee and hence advices Durvasa to go and seek protection from Ambarisha himself. So Durvasa, goes to Ambarisha, and apologises.

Ambarisha, prays to the sage back and prays to Lord Vishnu and Sudarshana to spare Durvasa. The Sudarshna recedes.

This is all because of Ambarisha, being a devotee of Vishnu and practising the Ekadashi Vrata/Vrat.

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