Ekadashi 2030

Ekadashi 2030

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Ekadashi means ‘the eleventh’ which refers to the eleventh day of a fortnight belonging to a Hindu month. People observe fast on Ekadashi to please Lord Vishnu. Devotees also observe the Ekadashi fast on this day. It is believed that by observing the Ekadashi Vrat one would be blessed with a happy and prosperous life.

Ekadashi day is may differed by a day accordign to the location.The list of Ekadashi 2030 dates are given here.

15 January TuesdayPausha Putrada Ekadashi
29 January TuesdayShattila Ekadashi
14 February ThursdayJaya Ekadashi
28 February ThursdayVijaya Ekadashi
15 March FridayAmalaki Ekadashi
29 March FridayPapmochani Ekadashi
14 April SundayKamada Ekadashi
28 April SundayVaruthini Ekadashi
13 May MondayMohini Ekadashi
14 May TuesdayMohini Ekadashi
27 May MondayApara Ekadashi
12 June WednesdayNirjala Ekadashi
26 June WednesdayYogini Ekadashi
11 July ThursdayDevshayani Ekadashi
26 July FridayKamika Ekadashi
09 August FridayShravana Putrada Ekadashi
24 August SaturdayAja Ekadashi
08 September SundayParsva Ekadashi
23 September MondayIndira Ekadashi
07 October MondayPapankusha Ekadashi
23 October WednesdayRama Ekadashi
05 November TuesdayDevutthana Ekadashi
21 November ThursdayUtpanna Ekadashi
05 December ThursdayMokshada Ekadashi
21 December SaturdaySaphala Ekadashi

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