Ekadashi 2016

Ekadashi 2016

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Ekadashi, which means the eleventh day. Ekadashi occurs twice in a Hindu lunar month. The special feature of Ekadashi is a fast that one abstains from grains, meat, alcohol, shaving and cutting one’s nails.

Ekadashi is the most auspicious day dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Smarta people observe Ekadashi on the day during which Ekadasi starts and Vaishnavas observe the next day. The list of Ekadashi 2016 dates are given here.

Date DayEkadashi
05 January TuesdaySaphala Ekadashi
20 January WednesdayPausha Putrada Ekadashi
04 February ThursdayShattila Ekadashi
18 February ThursdayJaya Ekadashi
05 March SaturdayVijaya Ekadashi
19 March SaturdayAmalaki Ekadashi
03 April SundayPapmochani Ekadashi
04 April Monday Papmochani Ekadashi
17 April SundayKamada Ekadashi
03 May TuesdayVaruthini Ekadashi
17 May TuesdayMohini Ekadashi
01 June WednesdayApara Ekadashi
16 June ThursdayNirjala Ekadashi
30 June ThursdayYogini Ekadashi
01 July FridayYogini Ekadashi
15 July FridayDevshayani Ekadashi
30 July SaturdayKamika Ekadashi
14 August SundayShravana Putrada Ekadashi
28 August SundayAja Ekadashi
13 September TuesdayParsva Ekadashi
26 September Monday Indira Ekadashi
12 October WednesdayPapankusha Ekadashi
26 October WednesdayRama Ekadashi
10 November ThursdayDevutthana Ekadashi
11 November FridayDevutthana Ekadashi
25 November FridayUtpanna Ekadashi
10 DecemberSaturdayMokshada Ekadashi
24 December Saturday Saphala Ekadashi

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