Dwipushkar Yoga

What is Dwipushkar Yoga?, Dwipushkar Yogam Defination, Dvipushkar Yog

Dwipushkar Yoga is an auspicious muhurat as per traditional Hindu Lunar calendar. People believe that If we perform an auspicious work during this yoga, then we will have the opportunity of doing the same auspicious work again. This yoga is the ideal time for buying and making investments.

When there is a rare combination of lunar day (tithi), day and Nakshatra (constellation) is known as Dwipushkar Yoga. The Combination of this yoga is

Dwitiya (Tithi), Saptami (Tithi), Dwadashi (Tithi)
Sunday (Day), Tuesday (Day), Saturday (Day)
Dhanistha (Nakshatra), Chitra (Nakshatra), Mrgashira (Nakshatra)

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