Dwipushkar Yoga 2037 Dates

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According to Hindu Astrology, Dwipushkar Yoga Yoga is a very important and positive yoga. This yoga is formed with the combination of day, tithi and Nakshatra. This yoga is considered auspicious for any auspicious work that can be performed again.

Below are the auspicious Dwipushkar Yoga timings for the year 2037. These timings are based on hyderabad (India) Location. These dates and times may vary by region.

DateDayStart TimeEnd Time
18th January 2037Sunday09:29 AM 07:51 PM
24th March 2037Tuesday 06:20 AM12:32 PM
17th May 2037Sunday05:27 AM 10:44 AM
26th May 2037Tuesday 05:45 AM03:54 PM
19th July 2037Sunday07:29 AM01:02 PM
28th July 2037Tuesday11:44 AMNext Day 05:58 AM
0th August 2037Saturday 06:01 AM07:49 AM
21st September 2037Monday00:03 AM
06:08 AM
10th October 2037Saturday 06:11 AM07:35 AM
24th November 2037Tuesday10:54 AMNext Day 04:13 AM

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