Dwidala Vratha 2012 | Bahubeeja Vrata 2012 Date

When is Dvidala Vratha in 2012?, Bahubija Vrat 2012 Dates

Dwidala Vrat is the Fourth and last month of Chaturmasa Vrata. Dwidala Vrat begins on the twelth day of waxing moon period in the month of Ashwin and ends with eleventh day of Waxing moon period in Kartik month. In 2012, Dwidala Vrat begins on October 25th and ends on November 24th.

Dwidala Vrat is observed by a few Hindu communities, during this period food items made of Dwidala and ahubeeja are to be avoided. Dwidala means those grams and seeds that break into two equal parts. Example of dwidala is all daals. Bahubeeja means any fruit or vegetable that contains multiple seeds and is covered by an external skin. Examples of Bahubeeja are apples, grapes, pomegranate, cucumber etc.

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