Do’s and Don’ts of Pitru Paksha

During the Pitru Paksha period, there are some rules that should be followed.

Do’s during the Pitru Paksha

During the Pitru Paksha period one  should perform fallowing things.

  • Must perform offering food and Tarpan rituals.
  • Perform Dana (charity).
  • Worshiping the deit.
  • Daily prayers like Sandhya and japa.
  • Fasting on Ekadashi.
  • Agni Hotram (Havan/ Homa).

Don’ts during the Pitru Paksha

Fallowing things are strictly prohibited during the Pitru Paksha

  • consuming any meat, alcohol and other intoxicants.
  • eating onion, garlic, outside food, processed foods, drumstick, etc.
  • buying and wearing new clothes.
  • getting a hair-cut.
  • performing weddings, Katha and Jhunda, Sacred thread ceremonies, and one cannot move into a new  house.
  • starting a new job.
  • starting a new business venture.

Reading Garuda Puraanam, Nachiketa story and Ganga Avataranam considered auspicious during this time.

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  1. Nagaprasanna

    Oct 15. 2012

    I am a good believer / follower of Hindu religion .. Somebody asked me to “why one should not get hair cut on amavasya (OR) Mahalaya amavasya” .. ? Please help to explain the reasons ( if possible from vedic background )

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  2. Deepa kumar

    Oct 19. 2012

    Wanted to ask a question Are other members in the family like son or daughter allowed to wear new clothes if they are not the karta. If father is performing shraad are other members of the family allowed to wear new?

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