Dolarohanam 2015 | Namakaranam Dates 2015

Dolarohanam Muhurat 2015, Auspicious Dolarohanam Dates in 2015, Auspicious time for naming the child

Dolarohanam means a swing/ cradle ceremony i.e putting the baby in the cradle for the first time. Namakarana means Naming the child. Telugu people do the both at same time. Generally, they celebrate it on 21st day after the birth.

Here is the list of auspicious days and muhurats for Dolarohanam in 2015. These muhurat timings are provided for general idea and based on Indian Standard time. These dates and timings may differ by a day according to location. Every muhurtham is included with tithi, varam, nakshatram, lagnam, and the best time.

22nd March 2015SundayVidiyaAshwiniMithuna12.51 PM
22nd March 2015SundayVidiyaAshwiniKarkataka1.53 PM
23rd March 2015MondayTadiyaBharaniMesha8.31 AM
28th March 2015SaturdayNavamiPunarvasuMithuna12.27 PM
28th March 2015SaturdayNavamiPunarvasuKarkatakam1.25 PM
29th March 2015SundayDashamiPushyamiMithuna12.23 PM
29th March 2015SundayDashamiPushyamiKarkatakam1.21 PM
6th April 2015MondayVidiyaSwathiMithuna10.59 AM
8th April 2015WednesdayChavithiAnuradhaSimha3.53PM
10th April 2015FridaySashtimoolaMithina10.16 AM
10th April 2015FridaySashtimoolaSimha3.45 PM
12th April 2015SundayAshtamiUttarashadasimha3.36 PM
22nd April 2015WednesdayChavithiMrigashiraSimha2.56PM
25th April 2015SaturdaySaptamiPunarvasuKarkataka11.33AM
25th April 2015SaturdaySaptamiPunarvasuSimha2.43 PM
26th April 2015SundayAshtamiPushyamiKarkataka11.28 AM
2nd May 2015SaturdayChaturdashichitrakarkataka11.06 AM
3rd May 2015SundayPurnimaSwathiMithuna10.05 AM
7th May 2015ThursdaytadiyaMoolaSimha1.58 PM
9th May 2015SaturdaysashtiPurvashadaSimha1.50 PM
10th May 2015SundaySaptamiUttaraashadaSimha1.46 PM
23rd May 2015SaturdayShashtiPushyamiSimha12.54 PM
28th May 2015ThursdayDashamiUttaraSimha12.33 PM
30th May 2015SaturdayDwadashiSwathiTula4.58 PM
31st May 2015SundayTrayodashiSwathiSimha12.26 PM
19th June 2015FridayTadiyaPushyamiTula3.38 PM
24th June 2015WednesdayAshtamiUttaraTula3.17 PM
26th July 2015SundayDashamiAnuradhaTula1.14 PM
2nd August 2015SundayVidiyaShatabhishamTula12.46 PM
17th August 2015MondayTadiyaUttaraTula10.09 AM
28th August 2015FridayChaturdashiShravanaTula11.04 AM
29th August 2015SaturdayPurnimaDhanistaTula11.00 AM
30th August 2015SundayPadyamiShatabhishamTula10.56 AM
2nd September 2015WednesdayChavithiAshwiniTula10.45 AM
19th September 2015SaturdayShastiAnuradhaDhanu1.45 PM
18th October 2015SundayPanchamiMoolaDhanu11.50 AM
19th December 2015SaturdayNavamiUttarabhadraMesha2.46 PM
28th December 2015MondayTadiyaPushyamiKumba11.02 AM

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