Dhanurmasam 2012 – 2013 Dates

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Dhanurmasam is considered as one of the auspicious month for Hindus. Dhanu month is based on solar calender. It starts on Dhanu sankranti day i.e on when sun moves to Dhanu rashi (Sagittarius sign). This year, Dhanurmasam starts on December 16, 2012 and ends on January 14, 2013. Dhanurmasam is also called as Margazhi month in Tamil calendar.

Danurmasam is dedicated to God Vishnu. Dhanurmasa Vratham is observed in this month. It is also known as Pavai Nombu in Tamilnadu. Tiruppavi rendered during this month. Goda devi Kalyanam is also celebrated during this month in Tirupathi. Arudra Darshan, Vaikunta Ekadashi, Katyayani Vrat are the major festivals during this month.

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