Chitra purnima 2017 | Chithirai Pournami 2017 Date

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Chitra Purnima is a full moon day in the tamil solar month of Chittirai (சித்திரை).  This purnima falls after mesha Sankranti. This day people worship God Chitagupta and Indra. In 2017, chitra Purnima falls on Wednesday, 10th may.

Chitra Purnima is an important day to Chitra Gupta, the Keeper of Deeds in Yama Sabha. Lord Brahma created Chitra Gupta through the Sun God and He is the younger brother of Lord Yama. Special pujas are performed at the temples in Tamil Nadu on the day. Chitra purnima is different from chaitra purnima. Chaitra purnima is celebrated according to lunar calender. Some times they might come in different months.

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