Chitra purnima 2013 | Chithirai Pournami 2013 Date

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Chitra Pournami, or Chithirai Purnima, is a full moon day occurs when sun is in its exalted state of Aries (Mesha). This is celebrated according to Tamil solar clender. This day is dedicated to chitra Gupta, Who is the book keeper in Yamaloka. Chitra gupta Vratham or Chitra gupta Puja is observed on this day. There is a couple of legends about Chithirai Poornima. This year Chitra Purnima is on Thurs day, 25th April 2013. People also worship God Indra on this day.

Chaitra purnima, which is based on hindu lunar calendar is often confused with Chitra purnima. Both are different and might fall in two different months.

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