Chandraghanta Puja 2012 Date

Chandra Ghanta Puja During Navratri, When is Chandraghanta  Puja in 2012?, 18th October 2012

The Third day of Navratri is Dedicated to Devi Chandraghanta. Godess Chandraghanta is worshiped on this day. Chandraghanta means godess of supreme bliss and knowledge, showering peace, like cool air in a moonlight. People belive that godess Chandraghanta has the power to eradicate all the problems of life.

Devi Chandraghanta is the third manifestation of Godess Durga (Shakti) during the Navratri. Maa Chadraghanta is is very charming godess and bright color. This third manifestation of Durga consists of a tiger, ten hands (Eight with wepons, one for boons and other for stopping harm) and three eyes. Third day of Navratri is on Shukla Paksha tritiya of Ashwin month. This year, Chandraghanta puja is on Thursday, 18th October, 2012.

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