Chandra Grahan 2013 Dates

Chandra Grahanam, Lunar Eclipse dates in 2013, Chandra Grahan 2013 Calender, When is Chandra Grahan in 2013?

Chandra Grahan  (Also known as lunar eclipse) can only occur on Purnima Day, and only if the Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow. There are different types of Chandra Grahanam’s. We have three Chandra Grahanam’s in 2013. Grahan has spiritual importance in hindu communities.

Here is the Chandra Grahan 2013 Calender.

DateType of GrahanLocations
25th Apr 2013PartialEurope, Africa, Asia and Australia with a duration of 27m.
25th May 2013PenumbralAmericas and Africa.
18th Oct 2013PenumbralAmericas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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  1. valluri srilatha

    Apr 22. 2013

    Now iam pregnant iam 8months i should follow the ghrahanem are not

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    • saritha

      Apr 25. 2013

      you should be care ful in this time. u shouldnt do any work. u have sleep only. dont eat or drink anything in that time.

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  2. muthu

    May 23. 2013

    i am in pragancy… may 25 during… this grGanam time.. want should follow

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