Chaitra Purnima 2013 | Chaitra Pournami 2013 Date

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Chaitra purnima is the first full moon day of the hindu lunar year. Like all other purnimas, this purnima is also considered aupicious. Regular purnima fast and satyanarayan vratham is observed on this day. Hanuman Jayanti and Chaitra parva is also celebrated on this day. This year, Chaitra purnima is on Thursday, 25th April 2013.

Month names of the Hindu lunar calendar are names according to the star, during whose ascendency the full moon of that month occurs. Chaitra month gets this name with Chitra Nakshatra. Chitra purnima or Chithirai Pournami, which is based on Tamil Solar calendar is often confused with Chaitra purnima. Both are different and might fall in two different months.

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  1. sunny sharma

    Apr 22. 2013

    Realy useful information. I eas planning to do some luxmi poojan on chaitr poornima.

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