Chaitra Month 2015 | Chaitra Masam 2015 Dates

Chaitra Masam 2015 Dates

Chaitra Masam 2015 Dates

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Chaitra Masam is considered as the first and the best month among the Hindu lunar calender. Full moon day of this month is known as Chaitra Purnima. On this day Moon will be at (nearer to) the Chitta constellation and hence the month is named as Chaitra masam.

There are two types of lunar months which are used in India. The one type of lunar month (Amavasyant) ends on new moon day and the other type of lunar month (Purnimant) ends on full moon day. This year, Purnimant Chaitra Masam Starts on 6th March 2015 and ends on 5th April 2015, Amavasyant Chaitra masam starts on 21st March 2015 and ends on 19th April 2015. Ugadi, Sriram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti are the major festivals of this month.

According to the hindu scriptures Universe started on Ugadi day i.e on first day of this month. Chaitra month is considered as good for vedic learning and Upanayanam. As this month falls during the summer, donating water is also considered auspicious.

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