Chaaya Daan on Shani Amavasya

What is Chaaya Daan , Significance of Chaaya Daan on Shani Amavasya

A Amavasya that falls on a Shanivar is known as Shani Amavasya or a new moon day on saturday is known as Shani Amavasya. It is believed that by performing Taila Abhishekam to Lord Shani on Shani Amavasya would help us to get relief from the ill effects of Lord Shani.

On Shani Amavasya Chaaya Daan has to be performed. The process of performing Chaaya Daan is very easy. Pour Mastard Oil in  a bowl and place it beside your head or under the bed right under your head on the night before to Shani Amavasya. As soon as we get up the first thing to do is to look into bowl and see ones reflection in the oil. Then this oil has to be donated to a Brahmin or to be given away in the temple of Lord Shani on Shani Amavasya. This is called Chaaya Daan.

Performing of Chaaya Daan on Shani Amavasaya would please lord Shani immensely and people under the effect of Lord Shani would get relief in the difficulties caused in their lives because of Shani.

It is also advised to perform Anna Daaa and Vastra Daan on Shani Amavasaya.

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Daan on Shani Amavasya

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