Bhumi Puja Muhurat 2014 | Shankhu Sthapana 2014 Dates

Gruharambha dates in 2014, Bhumi Pooja, Bhumi Pujan 2014, Shankhu Sthapana Dates, Auspicious date and time for Construction of House, Foundation stone installation Muhurat

Bhumi (Earth) is considered as the Hindu goddess. Before the start of any construction it is a customary to perform the Bhumi puja. This Puja is to ask permission from Godess Bhumi, and to get her good will and assistance.

The list of Bhumi Pooja / Shankhu Sthapana / Gruharambha dates in 2014 are given here.

2nd February 2014SundayTadiyaSathabhishamKumbham08.35 AM
5th February 2014WednesdayShasthiRevathiKumbham08.23 AM
6th February 2014ThursdaySapthamiAswiniKumbham08.19 AM
9th February 2014SundayDasamiRohiniKumbham08.03 AM
10th February 2014MondayEkadashi MrugasheeraKumbham08.01 AM
19th February 2014WednesdayPanchamiChittaVrushabham11.59 AM
20th February 2014ThursdayShasthiSwathiVrushabham11.59 AM
22nd February 2014SaturdayAsthamiAnuMakaram04.58 AM
24th February 2014Monday DasamiMula Vrushabham
12.06 PM
04.50 AM
3rd March 2014MondayTadiyaUttarabhadraVrushabham11.16 AM
5th March 2014WednesdayPanchamiAswiniVrushabham11.08 AM
9th March 2014SundayNavamiMrugasheeraVrushabham10.52 AM
12th March 2014WednesdayEkadashi PushyamiVrushabham10.40 AM
13th March 2014ThursdayEkadashi PushyamiMakaram03.52 AM
14th March 2014FridayTrayodashiMukhaVrushabham10.31 AM
17th March 2014MondayPadyamiUttaraVrushabham10.19 AM
19th March 2014WednesdayTadiyaChittaVrushabham10.11 AM
20th March 2014ThursdayTadiya
03.17 AM
10.07 AM
24th March 2014MondayAsthamiMulaVrushabham09.54 AM
26th March 2014WednesdayDasamiSravanamVrushabham09.46 AM

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  1. Vijayalakshmi

    May 11. 2014

    Auspisious days for installing doors & windows and laying RCC Roofing. Thanks and regards.

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  2. yashodhara

    Jul 20. 2014

    I am planning do bhoomi pooja in the month of Shravana masa, Plot is in my wife name Nalini T.V , Anuradha nakshatra.

    Please suggest auspicious dates

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