Bhumi Pooja Muhurat 2013 | Shankhu Sthapana 2013 Dates

Gruharambha Dates 2013, Bhumi Pooja, Bhumi Pujan, Shankhu Sthapana, Auspicious date and time for Construction of House, Foundation stone installation Muhurat

Bhumi Puja is a Hindu ritual conducted to inaugurate a new site for the construction of a House or Building. This ceremony is performed according to Vaastu Shastra.

Here is the list of auspicious days and muhurats for Bhumi Pooja / Shankhu Sthapana / Gruharambha in 2013. These muhurat timings are provided for general idea and based on Indian Standard time. These dates and timings may differ by a day according to location. Every muhurtham is included with tithi, varam, nakshatram, lagnam, and the best time.

2nd January 2013WednesdayPanchamiMaghaKumbham10.37 AM
3rd January 2013ThursdaySapthamiUttaraKanya11.47 PM
4th January 2013FridaySapthamiUttaraKumbha10.25 AM
6th January 2013SundayDasamiSwathiKanya11.35 PM
7th January 2013MondayDasamiSwathiVruschikam03.37 AM
2nd May 2013ThursdaySapthami
07.15 AM
3rd May 2013FridayAstami
3.20 AM
07.11 AM
03.16 AM
25th May 2013Saturday PurnimaAnuMithunam
08.34 AM
09.31 AM
27th May 2013MondayTadiyaMulaKarkatakam09.22 AM
29th May 2013WednesdayPanchamiUttarashadaMithunam
08.18 AM
09.15 AM
30th May 2013ThursdayShasthiSravanamMithunam
08.14 AM
09.10 AM
31st May 2013FridaySapthamiDhanisthaMithunam
08.10 AM
09.06 AM
3rd June 2013MondayDasamiUttarabhadraMithunam
07.59 AM
08.55 AM
8th August 2013ThursdayTadiyaMukhaSimham
07.51 AM
09.29 AM
11th August 2013SundayPanchamiHasthaSimham
07.38 AM
09.16 AM
12th August 2013MondayShasthiChittaSimham
07.34 AM
09.12 AM
15th August 2013ThursdayNavamiAnuSimham
07.22 AM
09.00 AM
19th August 2013MondayTrayodashiUttarashadaKanya08.45 AM
21st August 2013WednesdayPadyami DhanisthaKanya08.37 AM
22nd August 2013ThursdayVidiyaSatabishamKanya
08.33 AM
12.21 PM
23rd August 2013FridayTadiyaUttarabhadraVruschikam12.17 PM
24th August 2013 Saturday ChavithiUttarabhadraKanya08.25 AM
26th August 2013MondayShasthiAswiniKanya
08.14 AM
12.04 PM
29th August 2013 ThursdayNavamiRohiniKanya
08.06 AM
11.54 AM
30th August 2013FridayDasamiMrugasheeraKanya
08.00 AM
10.46 AM
6th October 2013SundayVidiyaChittaVruschikam09.22 AM
7th october 2013MondayTadiyaSwathiVruschikam09.18 AM
9th October 2013WednesdayPanchamiAnuVruschikam09.09 AM
13th October 2013SundayNavamiSravanamVruschikam08.56 AM
14th October 2013MondayDasamiDhanisthaVruschikam
08.51 AM
12.01 PM
17th October 2013ThursdayChaturdashiUttarabhadraVruschikam08.41 AM
18th October 2013FridayPurnimaRevathiVruschikam
08.36 AM
11.46 AM
23rd October 2013WednesdayChavithiMrugasheeraVruschikam
08.16 AM
11.26 AM
4th December 2013WednesdayVidiyaMulaDhanush
08.42 AM
10.13 AM
6th December 2013FridayChavithiUttarashadaDhanush08.34 AM
7th December 2013SaturdayPanchamiSravanamDhanush
08.30 AM
10.01 AM
8th December 2013SundayShasthiDhanisthaDhanush
08.26 AM
09.57 AM
9th December 2013MondaySapthamiSatabhishamDhanush
08.22 AM
09.53 AM
11th December 2013WednesdayNavamiUttarabhadraMakaram09.45 AM
12th December 2013ThursdayDasamiRevathiDhanush
08.11 AM
09.42 AM
13th December 2013FridayEkadashi AswiniDhanush
08.06 AM
09.37 AM
16th December 2013MondayChaturdashiRohiniDhanush
07.54 AM
09.25 AM
19th December 2013ThursdayVidiyaPunarvasuMakaram09.14 AM
22nd December 2013SundayPanchamiMukhaKumbham11.20 AM
23rd December 2013MondayShasthiMukhaMakaram
09.00 AM
11.16 AM
25th December 2013WednesdayAsthamiUttaraMakara08.52 AM
26th December 2013 ThursdayNavamiHasthaMakaram
08.48 AM
07.24 PM
27th December 2013FridayDasamiChittaMakaram08.47 AM

10 Responses to “Bhumi Pooja Muhurat 2013 | Shankhu Sthapana 2013 Dates”

  1. I want to start construct my house – land is east facing.
    which daywill be auspicious from the month march to may 2013.
    my dob 18-11-1959. pls advise .

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  2. Maniram

    Feb 27. 2013

    i want to start construct my house – land is west facing. which day will be auspicious from the month april to may 2013 my date of birth is 10 aug 1981

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  3. kanchan srivastava

    Mar 29. 2013

    i want to start construct my house – land is north west facing. which day will be auspicious from the month april to august 2013 my date of birth is 30 january 1973.

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  4. satendra kumar

    Apr 15. 2013

    i want to start construction workd at my plot. My name is Satedra kumar & date of birth is 13th march 1967.
    Pls. suggest me construction date.

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  5. Kuldeep Talwar

    Apr 16. 2013

    My DOB is 15-06-1970 3:10am Delhi. Suitable date for the foundation to be laid on demolished plot. facing east. in the month of April 2013

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  6. madhukar baburao marne

    Apr 24. 2013

    I want to start construct my house –
    which day will be auspicious from the month April 2013 to may 2013.
    my dob 6th may 1968. pls advise .

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  7. Dayakaur

    Apr 24. 2013

    can i start house construction dated on 23rd may 2013 thursday..
    please advise me.

    HP Bahadur

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  8. niraj shah

    May 03. 2013

    i want start work of my house , my plot is west facing , give me suggestion in which corner i should do foundation pooja & on which day & time

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  9. V.gunasekaran

    May 20. 2013

    Dear Sir,I would like to construct a house in Mayiladuthurai.North facing.Thiruvoonam(saravana)mAHARA RASI, which date is suitable in the month of vaikasi(June)

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  10. rajesh

    Jul 07. 2013

    i want to start construction workd at my plot. My name is rajbendra chourasiya & date of birth is 06 july 1971.
    Pls. suggest me construction date in month of july.

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