Bhishma Ashtami 2013 Date

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Bhishma Ashtami (is also known as Bhishmashtami) is a vrat, observed in respect of Bhisma Pitamaha. Bhishma was the son of King Shantanu and Ganga. Bhishma Ashtami is observed on the eighth day of the Waxing moon period in the Hindu lunar month of Magh. This year, Bhishma Ashtami falls on Monday, 18th February 2013.

On Bhishma Ashtami, devotees observe a fast from sunrise to sunset. Pujas and rituals are held on the name of Bhishma. This day is celebrated on a grand manner in ISCON and Lord Vishnu temples. Bhishma’s childhood name was Devavrata. He remained as a bachelor for his whole life for his father.

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  1. Rajashree Mohan

    Feb 12. 2013

    The coming sunday is bheeshmashtami in USA. my husband and I were planing to give tarpanam to bheeshma pitamaha. I have few questions regarding this. I will be very grateful if you can answer them in time.

    1. can the tarpanam to bheeshma pitamaha be given by those whose parents are still alive? is that not a problem? My husband’s parents are still alive.
    2. What is the procedure to give tarpana?
    3. I have read that Upavasam has do be followed on that day… what should we not eat on that day? you can say rice and rice related items and etc.
    4. After giving the tarpana, what should be done with the water? we live in an apartment and no balcony as well. Can i pour the water into a pot? or any other way to do it?

    Please help me with the answers….Thanks in advance.

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