Avani Moolam Date 2012

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Avani Moolam is celebrated in the Avani month of the Tamil calendar and when there is Moola Nakshatram in that month. This is a 18 day long festival which started on August 13th 2012 with Kodiyetram. The Avani Moolam for this year is 27th August 2012.

The list of the important dates during the festival of Avani moolam are as follows


19 August 2012

Karunkurivukku Upadesam

Boodha and Anna Vahana

20 August 2012 (Monday)

Naraiku Mukthi Aruliya leelai

21 August 2012 (Tuesday)

Mannikam vitra leelai

Kailasa and Kamdhenu Vahana

22 August 2012 (Wednesday)

Tharumiku Porkizhi aruliya leelai

23 August 2012 (Thursday)

Ulava Kottai Aruliya Leelai-

Nandeeswarar and Yazhi vaahanam

24 August 2012 (Friday)

Pannanuku Angam Vetia

Vrishabharudha Darasanm

25 August 2012 (Saturday)

Sri Sundareshwarar Pattabhishekam

Valayyal vitra leelai

Selling of Bangles

26 August 2012 (Sunday)

Nari pari aakia thiruvilayadal

Converting Fox to Horse

27 August 2012 (Monday)

Avani Moolam

Pittuku Mun Sumantha leelai

Temple is close and Shiva as a sand worker enacted

28 August 2012 (Tuesday)

Virragu vitra leelai

29 August 2012 (Wednesday)

ri Meenakshi Sundareshwarar Satta theril

Chariot Seva

30 August 2012 (Thursday)


Dip in the holy waters

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