Ashtami Shraddha

Eighth Day of Pitrupaksha, Eighth Day of Mahalaya Paksha, Eighth Day of Shraddha, Ashtami Shraddha

The ashtami thithi of the Bhadrapada month in Krishna Paksha or the eighth day of the waning moon phase of the month of the Bhadrapada as per the lunar calendar is observed as the Ashtami Shraddha. According to North Indian Purnimant Calenders, Ashtami Shraddha falls in the month of Ashwin.

Ashtami Shraddha is the eighth day of the fifteen day long Mahalaya Paksha. Mahalaya Paksha are considered to be the sacred days for paying homage to the ancestors. Tarpan and PInda Daan are done to the ancestors who have died on Ashtami Thithi without considering the Paksha in which they died.  The Pinda Daan is either immersed ina river or fed to a cow. Performing the Shraddha ritual would please the ancestors who would bless the family with wealth and prosperity.

The lunch during the process of Shraddha should happen at the AParhana Time which is considered to be a good time.

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