Ashtami Rohini

What is Ashtami Rohini , Sri Krishna Jayanti , Sri Jayanti

Ashatmi Rohini is celebrated on the day when Rohini Nakshatram is present in the month of  Chingam. Ashtami Rohini is nothing but Sri Krishna Janmashtami as per Solar Calendar.

Sri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated based on the Lunar calendar. Ashtami Rohini or Sri Krishna Jayanti is celebrated based on the Solar calendar followed in kerala and some parts of Karnataka, Tamilnadu. Both Sri Krishna Ashtami and Rohini Ashtami are celebrated as birthday of Lord Sri Krishna, only because of the usage of lunar and solar calendars this year the dates of Sri Krishna Janmashtami and Rohini Ashtami are different.

In Kerala, devotees of lord Krishna observe a fast on Ashtami Rohini or Gokulashtami. It is believed that Lord Krishna is born during mid night and hence ladies of the Namboodri family stay awake till early morning, reciting the slokas of Lord Sri Krishna. It is only after mid night that the fast is broken and the food that is offered to lord is eaten. All the temples of Lord Sri Krishna are decorated with lights and devotees visit the temples up to the early hours of next day.

In kerala children are dressed up as Lord Sri Krishna, Bala rama , Radha  on Ashtami Rohini.

Ashtami Rohini is celebrated in the Udipi Sri Krishna Temple and the Gurvayur Temple. People would offer Appam and Palapayasam as offering to the Lord Sri Krishna as they are considered to be the favorite of Lord Sri Krishna.

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