Arudra Darshan

Arudra Darshanam, Arudra Darishenam, Arudra Darisanam

What is the meaning of Arudra Darisenam?

Arudra Darshanam is a Shivaite festival which is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Shiva in few parts of the country. Lord Shiva is supposed to be incarnated in the form of Lord Nataraja during the Arudra Darshan day.

What is arudra?

Arudra is the name of a star. There are 27 stars that are used by the Hindu calnedar. Arudra is one of the stars. Arudra means a Golden Red flame.

When is arudra Darisenam?

Arudhra Darshanam is celebrated on the day when the moon is with the Arudra Star in the Tamil month of Margazhi. Margazhi month normally spans in the months of December and January. The Arudra Darshan day coinsides with the full moon day of the Margazhi month.

Significance of Arudra Darisenam

It is believed that Lord Nataraja, the dancing from of Lord Shiva was born on the day of Arudra Nakshatra. Therefore sighting of the Arudra star is known as Arudra Darshanam. Arudra Darsha is like the Mahashivaratri for few people.

The month of Margazhai is the twilight time for the Gods and the best time for the Gods to rest and rejuvenate their powers.

Significance of the Dance of Lord Nataraja

Lord Nataraja whose dance is a representation of the movement in all the particles. This movement in particles is the basis for the very existence of the universe. This movement is the source of all the energy and hence the cause for the universe to exist.

The dance of Lord Nataraja represents the five vital activities namely “ Creation, Protection, Destruction, Release and Embodiment”.

Lord Nataraja is known as Sabesan, the Lord who dances on the dias. The posture of the idol of Lord Nataraja is with his left leg lifted and suppressing the demon of ego under his right feet. The right hand  of Lord Nataraja is in the posture of  Abhaya Hasta or the hand of protection to his devotees. This form of the Lord Nataraja is known as the one who performs a still dance.

It is believed that the power of Lord Shiva is at the nearest to the people of Earth on the Arudra Darshan day  and hence devotees would throng the temple of Lord Nataraja on Arudra Darshan day.The night on which the Arudra Nakshatra or star is sighted has the longest night in the whole year. From the next day onwards, the day starts to get bigger thereby making the nights smaller.

Arudra Darshan day is the significant for the Sadhak for the enlightenment of his mind.

who is worshipped during Arudra Darisenam

On the day of Arudra Darshan, Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Nataraja is worshipped. Nataraja means the King of the dance. Nataraja is the known as the God of the dance. The dance of Nataraja represents the motion in the different particles that make up the universe.

Benefits of Arudra Darisenam

Devotees on Arudra Darshanam would visit the temple of Lord Shiva and seek the blessings of Lord Nataraja. This would help them to overcome the difficulties in their lives.

Rituals on Arudra Darisenam

Devotees would get up early in the morning before sunrise and take a head bath. Perform their worship and visit the temple of Lord Shiva before sunrise. The devotee would lit a lamp using ghee. A fast is observed for the whole day. Food is taken on the next day after feeding the Brahmins.

Rituals in the temples on Arudra Darisenam

On the day of Arudra Darshanam a special Abhishekam is done to the Lord Nataraja along with his consort Sivakama Sundari. Followed by a special Archana to the Lord Nataraja. Devotees would throng the temples to have the glimpse of Lord Nataraja on the day of Arudra Darshan.

A fire ritual will also be performed in the temples to please Lord Shiva.

Famous temples where Arudhra Darisenam is celebrated

Almost all the temples of Lord Shiva would celebrate the Arudra Darshanam. Out of all the temples the temple in Chidambaram. Chidambaram is considered as one of the five places that represent the Pancha Maha Bhootalu ( Fire, Air, Water, Land and Sky). Chidambaram is the place that represents the Sky or Aaksam.

Story of Arudra Darisenam

The story of Arudra Darisenam can be read at Arudra Darisenam Story

Recipies of Arudra Darisenam

A sweet called Kali is prepared on the day of Arudra Darshanam.

A dish called Kootu is also prepared on Arudra Darshanam day.

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