Arudra Darisenam Story

Story of Arudra Darisenam, Arudra Darisenam Katha, Arudra Darisenam Kathai

Once Lord Vishnu was sleeping on Adi Shesha(the king of Serpents) in Vaikuntam. Adishesha suddenly felt that the weight of Lord Vishnu suddenly increased and struggled very hard. After Lord Vishnu woke up he prayed to Lord Vishnu and asked him the reason why the weight of Lord Vishnu has increased. Lord Vishnu  replied that he was remembering the great Cosmic dance of Lord Shiva in the form of Nataraja and that was the reason that his weight has increased.

Adi Shesha was curious to see the dance and asked Lord Vishnu the way that he would be able to see the Cosmic dance of Lord Nataraja. Lord Vishnu advised Adi Shesha to go to Chidambaram and perform Penance for Lord Shiva.

Adi Shesha went to Chidamabaram and started to perform penance for Lord Shiva with a wish to see the dance of Lord Nataraja. There was also one more sage by the name of Vyagraha Pada who was performing penance for Lord Shiva. He also wished to see the great Cosmic dance of Lord Shiva. He had tiget feet ( Vyagraha means tiger, Pada means feet) so that he could worship Lord Shiva with flowers, even before a bee touched the flower.

Lord Shiva was pleased with the great penance of both Adi Shesha  and Vyagrah Pada. He appeared before them and asked them to ask for a boon. Both of them prayed to Lord Shiva and requested him to perform the Cosmic dance.

Lord Shiva obliged and performed the Cosmic dance at Chidambaram. It was on the Thiruvaadhirai day that Lord Shiva appeared to Adi Shesha and Vyagrah Pada and performed the Cosmic dance. This day of Thiruvaadhirai day is celebrated as Arudra Darshanam by the devotees of Lord Shiva.

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