Arudra Darisanam | Arudhra Darshan

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Arudra Darisanam is celebrated on Tiruvathirai nakshatram day in the tamil month of Margazhi. This festival is dedicated to God shiva and celebrated on his birth Nakshatram Tiruvathirai (ardra / Arudra). This star denotes the Golden red flame. During Arudra Darisanam God Shiva is worshipped in the form of Nataraja and cosmic dance is celebrated.

Shiva Tandava (Cosmic dance of God Shiva) represents the continuous cycle of creation and demolition. It indicates these five things.

  • Creation,
  • Protection,
  • Demolition,
  • Incarnation and
  • Release.

Margazi month falls in the month of December – January. Arudra Darisanam is observed on purnima day of the Margazi month. This night is longest night in a year. Arudra Darisanam festival is also called as Thiruvadirai or Thiruvathirai festival. Special Pujas are performed on this day at Lord Shiva temples. Milk, sandalwood paste,  honey, water and other cooling liquids are offered to Lord Shiva on this day.

Arudra Darisanam is a ten day festival in Kerala. Here, It falls in the malayalam month of Dhanu. Last day is the Arudra Darisanam day. On this day women celbrate Thiruvathira, a dancing style blongs to Kerala. They observe fast for the whole day and keep awake in the night. Arudra Nakshatra visible in only early hours of the day i.e on the next morning. Temples are decorated with flowers and lamps for that day.

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