Aranyaka Gauri Puja

aranyaka gauri pooja

aranyaka gauri pooja

Aranyaka Gauri Puja is celebrated on shukla paksha shashti in the hindu lunar month of Jyesta. This pooja is to worship Godess Gauri from morning to evening in the forest. Gauri Devi is very fond of the forest. The names of her, such as Kadamba Kananavasa, Vana sanchara kushala and Ashoka Vanikaapriya, make it clear.

This day who ever worship Godess Gauri Devi with reverence in the forest, it is said that their wishes will be fulfilled. Now in these days, not many people fallowing this pooja tradition. Spending a day in the Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier and More Creative.

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