Anizham – Fifth day of Onam

Significance of Anizham , What is Anizham ?, When is Anizham ?

The fifth day of Onam is known as Anizham.

Along with the normal rituals during the festival, Anizham has a special attraction to it. The attraction is the big snake boat race known as Vallamkali (Snake Boat). VallamKali is a boat race which consist of long boats on which hundreds of  oars men sit and row according to the music or song called vanchipattu.

The boat used for Vallamkali is known as Chundan Vallam. All the oars men are dressed traditionally with dhothi and turban. The Vallamkali event happens at Arunmalla on the banks of Pamba river. Vallamkali attracts a large number of national and international tourists. The synchronized rowing of a boat is a must watch.

The Pokaalam grows in size as the design present during Visakam is enhanced by adding more flowers to it.
Onam dates.

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