Angarika Sankashti 2034 | Angarika Chaturthi 2034 Dates

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Chaturthi tithi is dedicated to God Ganesha. Lord Ganesha was born on this day. Lord Ganesha is also fond of Tuesday. Tues is also belongs to Lord Mars (Angarak). Sankashti Chaturthi that falls on Tuesday is considered as more auspicious and called as Angarika Chaturthi.

Angarika Ganesha Chaturthi has been mentioned in Ganesha Purana. Lord Ganesha is worshiped during the moonrise time of Angarika Chaturthi. It is believed that Lord Ganesha frees a person from all kinds of problems. A person is able to overcome all kinds of obstacles by worshiping him.

Angarika Chaturthi is occuring only once during the year 2034 i.e on 28th November 2034.

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