Amavasya 2048 Dates

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Amasvasya (New Moon day) is considered as one of the important day in the Hindu Month. It marks the end of the waxing phase of the moon. Amavasya is considered to be auspicious for performing Tarpana and Shraddha rituals. Few people perform fast on this day.

Many Festivals (like Diwali) are observed on Amavasya Day. Here are the dates of Amavasya for the year 2048. These dates may differ by a day according to the location and other things.

15 January WednesdayMagha AmavasyaPaush Amavasya
13 February
ThursdayPhalguna Amavasya Magha Amavasya
14 March SaturdayChaitra AmavasyaPhalguna Amavasya
13 April
MondayChaitra Amavasya Chaitra Amavasya
12 May TuesdayVaishakha AmavasyaChaitra Amavasya
11 June
ThursdayJyaishta Amavasya Vaishakha Amavasya
11 July SaturdayAshadha AmavasyaJyaishta Amavasya
09 August
SundayShravana Amavasya Ashadha Amavasya
08 September TuesdayBhadrapada AmavasyaShravana Amavasya
07 October
WednesdayAshwin AmavasyaBhadrapada Amavasya
06 November FridayKartik Amavasya Ashwin Amavasya
05 December SaturdayMargashirsha Amavasya Kartik Amavasya

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